Welcome Back!

Note to All perspective Athletes:

Welcome back for another great year at Souris Regional.

This fall we will offer the following Sports, sign up sheets are posted in the Gym

Intermediate Girls Volleyball (7-9)

Senior Girls Volleyball (7-9)

Intermediate Girls and Boys Soccer (7-9)

Senior Girls and Boys Soccer (7-9)

Cross Country (you must attend cross country practices to attend the meets)


We will also consider Senior Boys volleyball this season if there are enough players and if there is a league/coach available.  This is as a result of the dedication and improvement shown during Spring League.

We will see if we have numbers for Baseball as well.  We cannot run both baseball and volleyball.



  1. You may only play one major sport.
  2. You are to try out for only one major sport (you cannot attend try outs for both soccer and volleyball)
  3. All athletes are to attend tryouts to make the team.
  4. If you make a team and then leave that team after others were cut you risk your place on other SRS teams in following seasons.
  5. It is your responsibility to find the gear needed for your sport minus uniforms (cleats, knee pads, glove for example)
  6. No uniforms will be distributed this year until fees are paid.

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