Baseball Schedule

2016 PEISAA Senior Men’s Baseball Schedule

Friday, 16 September –    Charlottetown Rural vs Morell; Church Field, Morell, 6 pm

Morell vs Souris; Church Field, Morell, 7:45 pm

Colonel Gray vs Three Oaks; Legends Field, Summerside, 6 pm

Saturday, 17 September –        Westisle vs Colonel Gray; Memorial Field, Charlottetown, 10 am

Charlottetown Rural vs Westisle; Memorial Field, Charlottetown, 11:45 am

Bluefield vs Morell; Kowalski Field, Freetown, 10 am

Souris vs Bluefield; Kowalski Field, Freetown, 11:45 am

Three Oaks vs Souris; Kowalski Field, Freetown, 1:30 pm


Friday, 23 September –            Colonel Gray vs Charlottetown Rural; Memorial Field, Charlottetown, 6 pm

Morell vs Colonel Gray; Memorial Field, Charlottetown, 7:45 pm


Saturday, 24 September –        Charlottetown Rural vs Souris; Church Field, Morell, 10 am

Westisle vs Three Oaks; Legion Field, Tignish, 10 am

Three Oaks vs Bluefield; Legion Field, Tignish, 11:45 am

Bluefield vs Westisle; Legion Field, Tignish, 1:30 pm


Friday, 30 September –                        Colonel Gray vs Bluefield; Memorial Field, Charlottetown, 6 pm

Bluefield vs Charlottetown Rural; Memorial Field, Charlottetown, 7:45 pm


Saturday, 1 October –             Colonel Gray vs Souris; Church Field, Morell, 10 am

Morell vs Three Oaks; Kowalski Field, Freetown, 10 am

Three Oaks vs Charlottetown Rural; Kowalski Field, Freetown, 11:45 am

Westisle vs Morell; Kowalski Field, Freetown, 1:30 pm                                                                                  Souris vs Westisle; Kowalski Field, Freetown, 3:15 pm


Tuesday, 4 October –               Semi-Final (4 vs 1); Memorial Field, Charlottetown, 6:30 pm

Semi-Final (3 vs 2); Memorial Field, Charlottetown, 8:15 pm

Thursday, 6 October –             Bronze Medal Game; Memorial Field, Charlottetown, 6 pm

Gold Medal Game; Memorial Field, Charlottetown, 8 pm



Senior Boys Soccer;  Friday 3:15 rink field

Midget Girls Volleyball:  Monday Tuesday and Wednesday after school–Souris Regional Gym

Senior Girls Volleyball: Coach Margo informed all players — Monday at 5:00

Senior Girls Soccer:  Monday at 3:15, school field.

Midget Boys Soccer:  TBA

Midget Girls Soccer:  Tryouts began, please see Mr. Chaisson if you missed.

Cross Country:  Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

Welcome Back: SRS Athletics 2016/17

Greetings fellow Spartans

Another school year is upon us.  We are gearing up for the Fall Sports season.

The following teams will be offered this fall provided we have coaches and interest

Midget and Senior girls volleyball

Midget and Senior girls and boys soccer

Baseball pilot is another option again this year.

If any community members are interested in coaching please contact Ms. Aucoin-Smith at 902-687-7130.  We will be looking for coaches come basketball season and also this fall.

Tryout times for teams listed above will be posted ASAP.




Congratulations to the following Senior basketball players who were selected as All Stars for league play:  Meghan Stewart, Jasmine Laybolt, Austin Chaisson and Luke Chaisson.

The following players were selected as Provincial Tournament All Stars:  Meghan Stewart, Josh McIntosh.

Basketball uniforms to be turned in before the break.

Badminton has begun for the season.  Seniors and Juvenilles practice on Mondays and Wednesdays after school, midgets on Tuesday and Thursday.  Thank you to volunteer coaches Mr. D MacDonald, Mr. MacIntyre and Mr. Chaisson.

Rugby will commence soon as well as Softball and Track and Field.  All prospective track athletes should be making an effort to join Mr. Paton for the morning workouts.



Spartans BASKETBALL 2015-2016

Games will be posted below along with departure times– practices:  Midgets practice on Monday Wednesday, boys at 3-4:45, Senior girls on Tu/Th at 5:00, Senior boys Tu/Th 3:00.  Any changes, coach will let players know.

Senior Games    Midget Games

November:  Wed Nov 25 @ Fbuote Sn girls 5:45 w 42-13, boys 7:30 w 82-39  Thu, 26 midget boys home Montague 4;30, girls 6;00 Moved to Thursday, Feb 4th


 Tue 1 @ East Wiltshire  girls 5:00 l 22-9, boys 6:30 w 38-34

  Wed  2 Home Rural  2 Sn girls 5:30 l 38-51, boys 7:30 W53-29

Mon 7 Home Morell Sn girls 4:30 W54-19, boys 6:30 L27-46

  Tue 8 @ Queen Chrl boys 5:30 W 49-26, girls 7:00 w 32-10dept–3:30

 Wed  9 Home Gray 2 Sn girls 5:30 w44-22, boys 7:30 l60-63

 Thu 10 Home Grace Christian girls 4:15 L, Boys host Belfast  W 5:45

Saturday Dec 12 7:00 we host the Island Storm!!!! Thank you!  $1,151 raised for Athletic Association, Amount of fun spent on students– Priceless.

  Mon 14 @ Rural 2 Sn boys 5:30 w64-44, girls L  7:30 

 Wed 16 hm Montague Sn girls 5:00 L, boys  W 7:00

  Thu 17 @ François Buote boys 5:30 W 54-15

  Fri 18 hm KISH Sn girls 6:00 L , boys W 8:00

January 2016

 Thu 7 @ Morell 4:30 girls L, 6:00 boys W 

  Thu 7 Sn @ Kinkora boys 5:00  girls 7:00 

  Mon 11 Sn hm FBuote boys 4:45 W, girls 6:30 W

 Tue 12 hm Stonepark girls 5:00 L, boys 6:30 W

  Thu 14 hm Birchwood girls 6:30 L, boys 5:00 L

  Fri 15 @ Morell boys 5:00 L, girls W 7:00 

Thu 21 hm GulfShore girls 7:15 L, boys 5:45 W

Jan 22/23 Midget boys @ ME Callaghan tourney–Loss to ME Callaghan and Hernwood, Win vs. EB Chandler.

 Thu 28 hm Vernon River boys 4:00 W

February 2016

Wed 3 hm TOSH 2 boys 6:00 W, girls 8:00 L— not the flip to boys first please

Thu 4, midget boys home Montague 4;30 L 41-40, girls 6;00L

Mon 8 @ Bluefield 2 girls 5:30, boys Bluefield 1 7:30 — Not possible to reschedule due to limited time.

Thurs 11@ KISH girls 5:30 L, boys 7:30W 

Tues 16– Midget Playoffs– Midget Boys Home to East Whiltshire 5:00 (6 @ 3 playoff)  winner moves on to play Birchwood Thursday.  Win 57-31

Wed 17 @ Montague girls 5:30 L ,boys 7:30 W 

Fri 19 hm Bluefield 2 girls 5:30, boys 7:30W by forfeit.  

26/27 Midget Provincials

Senior Playoffs:

Monday, February 29th- A Semis (Host School TBD)

Tuesday, March 1st- AA Semis (Host School TBD)

Wednesday, March 2nd- AAA Semis @ UPEI

Thursday, March 3rd- A Medals (Host School TBD)

Monday, March 7th- AA Medals (Host School TBD)

Seeding– Top 5 playoffs in AAA, loser of 5@4 drops to top of AA, AA 9@8 loser drops to A and winner goes to AA, A quarters are 11@14 and 13@12.