Head to this site to find all the information you need on school sport.

Some features of use to you:

  1.  You can look up a team schedule by clicking the drop down menu for sports–select desired sport– then league (intermediate is grade 7-9, senior 10-12) and then the team.  You can also view the entire league this way.  Results of games that have been played will be there also.
  2. You can view scores from previously played games by clicking on the results tab on the left side of the page.  The results that show are always the previous day but you can change the date range at the top of the results.
  3. You can view the results of the entire league by using the drop down menu.  Select desired sports– then standings– then select the division.
  4. To view the game schedule for the day just click the “today’s games” link on the left.
  5. Quite often playoffs are determined at the end of the season and the site may just have genaric pre-determined information, in those cases confirm with coaches.
  6. Coaches are responsible for updating results,sometimes volunteer scorekeepers.  If a name is spelled wrong it’s just a typo.  No need to worry.

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